Carnival in Puntarenas starts nine-day run Friday

The Carnaval de Puntarenas, Festival Perla de Pacifico, kicks-off Friday in the Pacific Coast community and will extend for nine days. All events will take place along the beach in Puntarenas.

The nine-day festival is free.

Carnaval is famous in Brazil and has extended its influence onto Panamá and Costa Rica. Limón also has a really big carnival celebration but in October. Carnival is a celebration held before the Catholic period of Lent. Carnival is popular in Brazil where the giant celebration has parades where women dance samba in skimpy outfits. The customary dress is very colorful, bright and covered in jewels and feathers.

The “Reina del Carnaval” will be chosen on the first day of the celebration in Puntarenas, so she can represent the festivities for the run of the parties. There is a horse parade or tope, concerts from different genres in music, fishing contests, a beach soccer tournament, and fireworks.

The parade where people will be in masks, costumes, dancing and singing will take place on the last day of the celebrations at 2 p.m. The procession starts at Parque Marino and ends at Parque Lobo heading west.

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