Case of conspiracy to take 320 kilos of coke now in final stage

The embarrassing drug case is playing out to its conclusions in the southern part of the country.

This is the case based on the theft of 320 kilos of cocaine from the Golfito court building where it was under guard. The cocaine was confiscated from smugglers.

Prosecutors allege that nine men, some of them court building guards and others policemen, conspired to steal the drugs and turn the cocaine over to the smugglers.

That happened the night of March 26, 2009. The cocaine was taken from an open boat of Ecuadorian registry that the Servicio Nacional de Guardacoastas captured the previous weekend in Parque Nacional Corcovado.
Since the theft, cocaine that is confiscated in quantities is airlifted to San José immediately.

The suspects include one guard who worked at the Golfito judicial offices, two Fuerza Pública officers and one former officer.

The trial started in September.

Prosecutors Alejandro Araya and Henry Meza asked for a total of 352 years in prison for the nine men. They also are seeking confiscation of money and vehicles.

They allege that some of the men were involved in aggravated robbery, but because the guard conspired with the other men, the judicial tribunal might not agree on robbery. The defense is expected to begin its arguments today.

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