English-speaking scammer embelishes his fake tale of woe

The scammer who speaks perfect English has put together a better story.

Earlier this month he told those he encountered on the street a tale of woe about how a taxi driver ran off with his luggage.

Lately, according to a reader, he claims he was surrounded by six transvestites who robbed him at knife point of his luggage, wallet, money, credit cards, and passport.

The well-known scammer encountered the reader, a tourist from Long Island, New York, on Rohrmoser Boulevard about 200 meters east of Plaza Mayor Saturday, the reader said.

“Randy claims he’s been to the U.S. Embassy to get a new passport, but due to the Patriot Act, it will take him two business days to get one,” said the reader. “He just needs some money to stay at a $13/night youth hostel till he can get everything straightened out and fly home on March 6th. And he adds, if I can help him with something for food, he’d appreciate it.”

The reader did not make a donation and later conversed with other expats who told him Randy was a small-time scammer. One expat has heard the same story, the reader said.

“He’s about 6-foot tall, maybe 220 pounds, dark curly hair, and tattooed ‘Randy’ on the upper right arm,” said the reader. “There was a slight tear in the right sleeve of the shirt he wore. He claimed that one of the transvestites nicked him with the knife.”

“My sense is that he’s operating in the general Sabana Park area, due to the density of tourists and expats there,” said the reader. However, a reporter encountered the man earlier near Hospital Calderón Guardia in east San José. Although this type of begging is small-time, such encounters sometimes become a major street crime.

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