European visitor stresses value of European ties

Business development, transparency and education in Costa Rica were the key points discussed at a press conference with a European former diplomat at the Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Comercio Monday.

The visitor, Benita Ferrero, president of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean Foundation, said the relationship with the European Union is important to Latin America, especially Costa Rica. She said this country exports 70 percent of products from Central America that go to the European Union.

She is the former European commissioner for Trade and European Neighbourhood Policy and a prominent Austrian politician.

Latin America is an interesting and growing market she said. She said she wants to support small businesses known as pequeña y mediana empresas in the country, especially those that are dedicated to innovation and new technology, as they can be the key to development. Latin America has 25 percent of the world’s fertile land and 35 percent of the worlds potable natural water, Ms. Ferrero said.

She predicted that Latin countries would eventually eclipse the economies of European lands.

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