Half the people here can be called dark-skinned

I read your paper everyday and every once in awhile someone gets under my skin. This women is out of her mind. Tourist should be just that, a tourist. I am from Canada, too, and where I live in Vancouver they use minibuses for field workers. Yes, that’s right, 9-person buses but they put 20 in them, all safe with doors that close and all seatbelted in (well one half ).

But just last spring 2011 one rolled over and killed all 20 people. So, Gwen, look at changing things at home before you change things elsewhere. I live here and understand the way thing get done here. Those workers get a free ride to work everyday and get paid, dark skin or not. Shall we call you pasty white or just Alberta’s snow blind.

Sorry if dark skin people in your eyes or beneath you, and, as a white church-going person, you need to feel better. Come back down and spend more time in the country and travel next time. Half the country is dark skinned.

Matija Muller
San José/ Vancouver

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