Law officers grab three after tourist victimized on Arenal bus

Police and judicial agents on the San José-La Fortuna bus detained three men and said they made up a band that preyed on tourists by various means.

Two of the men were jailed, but a third, who is the subject of an unrelated warrant, was placed at liberty, the Fuerza Pública reported.

Agents were following the men when they were on a bus. They had been the subject of at least 11 complaints, mostly by tourists. La Fortuna is near the Arenal volcano.

The Policía Turística and agents watched as the men handled the luggage of tourists this weekend on a bus, they said. At Florencia de San Carlos the trio got off the bus, and agents made the arrests. They recovered documents belonging to a
Norwegian tourist and her portable computer and skin diving equipment, agents said. Police were able to interview the tourist.

They said the robbery gang also punctured the tires of rental vehicles and used other techniques, such as stealing luggage when the owner was not looking.

Detained were a 38-year-old man with the last names of Díaz Díaz, who is the subject of a warrant issued in Liberia for aggravated theft; a 35-year-old man with the last names of Martínez Rivas, who has a record of 14 arrests for similar crimes, and a 28-year-old man with the last names of López Gaitán, who has been turned over to prosecutors 19 times.

Police reported that Díaz was let go while the other two men were given preventative detention. They did not say why a judge let the man go.

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