Planets, moon give interesting sky show

A.M. Costa Rica graphic This was the scene from San Pedro at 7 p.m. Sunday.

An astronomical education is not needed to find Venus in the night sky. After the moon, the planet is the brightest object, followed closely by Jupiter, the largest planet.

This weekend was an interesting time in the skies. Jupiter has approached Venus at least from an earthly perspective. And then the crescent moon showed up.

The sight was visible all over the world, but clear skies in the Central Valley gave residents there the view.

Venus, of course, can be the evening or morning star, depending on its position in its orbit around the sun. Directly below the planet, Mercury can be seen early in the evening.

The moon will not always be in the picture, but Venus and Jupiter will appear to approach each other over the next few weeks.

Venus was held in high regard by the Mayans and most likely by their country cousins who inhabited Costa Rica before the arrival of the Spanish.

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