Private seaside service today for Robert S. Nahrgang

The ashes of Robert S. Nahrgang will be scattered in the ocean in a private ceremony today, said his wife, Maria de Pilar Rodríguez Ruiz.

Nahrgang, a U.S. expat, died Monday after a two-year battle with cancer. He lived in San Antonio de Escazú.

Nahrgang, 65, was born in Alabama. He was a boy from the ocean, he really liked the beach, said his wife of 43 years. He was a retired architect and worked for many years at a flower export business in Costa Rica. He was also a writer and a frequent commentator on the Costa Rican social scene via letters to A.M. Costa Rica.

Nahrgang spent the past couple of years playing tennis, said his wife. She said he was very athletic and was a tennis and a Central American skeet shooting champion.

The couple has two children, Robert Nahrgang and Erika Nahrgang Rodriguez. The son lives in the United States and will return on Saturday. The daughter is a well-known producer for a famous Costa Rican show.

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