Rising motorcycle death toll causes officials to express concern

Four persons died over the weekend in motorcycle accidents. In one crash two motorcycles collided head on in Pococí de Limón, and both drivers died.

In Coronado, a motorcycle driver was traveling at high speed when his vehicle collided with a passenger car.

Motorcycle drivers protested in front of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros over increases in vehicle insurance last month. Eventually the increase was reduced.

However, the Dirección General de Tránsito and the Consejo Seguridad Vial pointed out Monday that 25 percent of the traffic deaths in 2011 were motorcyclists. In January seven died, 23 percent of the fatalities, the agencies said.

The agencies blamed motorcyclists for not obeying the law. Some do not wear helmets or use reflective vests. Some carry two other persons on the machine. Sometimes the passengers are children on their way to school, officials said.

In the Pococí crash each motorcycle carried a passenger. Although they were thrown from the machine as were the drivers, each survived.

The traffic police agency said that it would be giving more attention to motorcycles in an effort to reduce the accidents.

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