School sit-in generates counter protest in Térraba

Police in the rural region near Buenos Aires are awaiting and hoping for peaceful resolution to a conflict between native protestors occupying a schoolhouse and angry residents demanding their removal.

About 60 of the native people have been occupying a small schoolhouse in the community of Térraba in the southwestern sector of the country since last week, demanding that the school’s administrators hire native people as teachers, according to Fuerza Pública commander of that sector Edwin Miranda. The school is Academic Lyceum Térraba.

But early Monday about 200 residents of the community decided to disrupt the sit-in by the natives and broke through the closed schoolhouse door and provoked a physical confrontation. Reports said they are upset because they want normal classroom instruction for their kids to continue.

Miranda said about a dozen people were injured primarily due to rocks being thrown between the two crowds. He said 35 police were dispatched to the small community to quell the violence. As of Monday evening the protestors were still inside, and negotiations are taking place to try to reach a peaceful accord with officials of the Ministerio de Educación Pública. Miranda characterized the community as one divided by the conflict.

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