Super Bowl Sunday proves to be a big win for sports bars

A.M. Costa Rica/Andrew Rulseh Kasper Superbowl viewers at Chubb's, a downtown watering hole, are surrounded by televisions and cold beer.

Super Bowl Sunday was a successful event for many sports bars in downtown San José that cater to an expat or tourist crowd.

Four of the better-known sports hot-spots in the area reported elevated business or sell-out crowds. A worker at the Del Rey said all the rooms were full for the weekend and that plenty of non-lodgers filed into the bar from the street to watch the game between New England Patriots and New York Giants. The Super Bowl is regarded as the largest watched sporting event in the United States and the Patriots and the Giants are two of the bigger name teams. The Giants eventually won, 21-17, despite a strong first-half showing by the Patriots.

The Sportsmen’s Lodge owner, Bill Alexander, also said his one-charge cover for all you can eat and all you can drink sold out a day before the game. He said 225 people were at the location for the Super Bowl, one of the biggest events at the Sportsmen’s apart from Halloween night.

Chubb’s sports bar was also packed and had sold out all the
available seats and tables, though they allowed some people to enter and stand. Chubb’s sold seats and tables in the bar for $30 which was deducted from the patron’s bar tab at the end of the night. The manager at Chubb’s said last year they had to turn away 60 people at the door because so many football fanatics were looking for a proper sports bar to watch the game, so they decided to go with a reservations approach this year.

At Papi’s nearby the atmosphere was more calm but the fans were just as die-hard. The bar had no special promotion this year because it has only been open for a few days after closing its doors for a short period. It only re-opened a few days before the Super Bowl. Many bars around the country were planning Super Bowl parties for their U.S. clientele but also for the growing popularity the sport has with Ticos.

One New England Patriots fanatic at Papi’s described himself as a true fan and said he used to sneak into the stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, to watch the games. After coming to Costa Rica for 15 years and becoming a pensionado, he noted how popular the game had become with Ticos, though he said from time to time they need help understanding football’s often strange and complex rules.

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