Teatro Nacional to begin 2012 season Tuesday

The Teatro Nacional is ready to launch the new year with more than 3,200 artists lined up for its 2012 schedule. The opening day is Tuesday.

The inaugural event is the play “Pendulum,” an open performance by University of Costa Rica dancers at noon. This is the Teatro al Mediodía, inside the main hall. There are a total of 37 noon performances this year.

On the second floor of the Teatro Nacional, the Foyer, there will be 12 performances this year. The Foyer is a smaller room with a ceiling painting found on the old five colon note. The late afternoon musical acts, Música al Atardecer, will feature 32 different performances there.

Besides these performances the main theater will feature 122 events, including 18 dance, 44 musical and two flamenco performances, an opera, and the Festival de Poesía. The singer Pablo Milanes is the first big evening show of the year for the theater Feb. 23.

This year the theater has opened up a call center for those who have questions. Adriana Collado, director of the Teatro Nacional, said this year the theater is more accessible to the public. In the past, the theater catered to international acts, but now they have included more national acts.

“This is a theater that we can really say is ours,” said Manuel Obregón, minister of Cultura y Juventud.

Ticket prices vary on the performance. Teatro al Mediodía tickets cost 1,000 colons, and one for the Música al Atardecer costs 2,000 colons.

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