The news has two sides: Good news and bad news

The good news / bad news.

Talk about good news bad news: “The Good News,” no illegal cheese for Costa Rica. ”The Bad News,” The bandits got away with 215 Glock pistols.

“The Good News,” majority of Costa Rican citizens disagree with the new tax proposals. “The Bad News,” the president doesn’t care and we will be taxed anyway.

“The Good News,” we are adding many new police to protect us. “The Bad News,” the judges keep freeing all the criminals back to society to prey on all of us.

“The Good News,” China keeps donating police cars and motorcycles. “The Bad News,” many are sitting idle due to lack of maintenance.

“The Good News,” tourism is on the rise. “The Bad News,” crime against visitors and corrupt traffic police asking for bribes are turning them away.

“The Good News,” we have a great car inspection process to keep us safe. “The Bad News,” the lack of maintaining the roads are the cause of many accidents and deaths. Shouldn’t they have and inspection process for that?
Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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