There will be no shoe shortage for young Jacó soccer players

U.S. teens, supporters and some of the beneficiaries of the soccer shoe drive pose with the hundreds of pairs the youngsters were able to collect and bring to Costa Rica.

Two U.S. 13 years olds have successfully conducted a soccer cleat drive to put the appropriate footwear on the feet of young athletes in Jacó.

The youngsters are Christopher Skurka and Nicholas Oviedo-Torres, both from Long Island, New York. Young Skurka’s parents are owners at the Jacó Paloma Blanca condos, and both lads have visited Costa Rica. Both are avid soccer players.

“On Chris’ last visit to Costa Rica, he noticed that most of the Costa Rican kids playing soccer were not wearing soccer cleats, and he realized that for many Costa Ricans, soccer cleats were just too expensive,” said an employee at the condo complex. “Upon his return to New York, he shared this information with his friend, Nick, and together the two boys decided to
address the situation. Already veterans of a very successful costume drive, the boys decided to have a soccer cleat drive.”

The boys contacted their soccer club, the East Islip Soccer Club, and after informing coaches there of the situation, they asked them if they would be able to set up collection boxes at the soccer fields for the soccer cleats, said the employee. With the full support of the club president, John Davis, the boys were able to set up boxes, and the club parents were asked to drop off any soccer cleats in good condition for the children of Costa Rica, the employee added.

The boys were able to collect hundreds of pairs of soccer shoes with cleats. And they were able to bring them in to Costa Rica as extra luggage. The high point was Friday when the cleats were distributed at the Escuela Central Lider in Jacó. Both the Jacó Rays soccer team and Daystar Properties, which developed the condos, supported the project.

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