Thief raids Escazú home while its owner is dying

Thieves ransacked a home in Escazú and took a collection of antique guns. The home was unattended for a span of days by the couple who lived there while the husband battled with a cancer which eventually took his life.

The man was American-born Robert S. Nahrgang who lived in San Antonio with his Costa Rican wife. He was a long-term expat in Costa Rica. He died earlier this week.

Nahrgang and his wife had not been staying at the house when the robbery took place. Police say the theft occurred sometime between Feb. 16 when a caretaker checked in on the residence and Wednesday when the son of the dead man, who was visiting from Texas, entered the property at 11 a.m. and noticed it had been burglarized.

The son’s name is also Robert Nahrgang. The Judicial Investigating Organization said his plan was to take the firearms back to the United States when he left this coming Saturday.

Police report they found evidence that someone had entered through a window on the backside of the house. The thief had removed an air conditioning unit and broken the glass. Then he or she broke into a safe that contained the firearms. Police report that 11 firearms were stolen, including shotguns, pistols and revolvers.

Police say the late Robert S. Nahrgang was a hunter and a sportsman, so he had an extensive collection of guns. A value of the heist has not yet been calculated.

An agent working at the Fuerza Pública station in Escazú said the thief most likely had the guns in mind when he or she entered into the house because many other objects were left undisturbed. The case is currently under investigation with the Judicial Police.

Nahrgang was a frequent commentator on the Costa Rican social scene via letters to the editor of A.M. Costa Rica.

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