Three steps to protect tourists who visit here

Your story in today’s issue titled: “The ATV accident was just the start of the problems” is indeed a sad one.

The article reported that: “The agency [Cruz Roja] typically receiving two to three calls a month for similar accidents in the area he said.” [emphasis mine] and “The problem tourists have with accidents is a continuing one. Mrs. Merritt is only the latest to face medical and financial problems while visiting here. In contrast, starting last year, Panamá decided to provide medical coverage to all visitors who arrived at its Tocumen international airport for the first 30 days they were in the country.”

It appears logical to me that given the frequency of these accidents that certain precautions should be instituted both in terms of prevention as well as treatment, such as:

• The routes need to be examined and approved with “caution” signs where deemed appropriate;

• These tourist companies be mandated to provide accident insurance to all tourist participants and/or

• With the increase in landing fee imposed for tourists that the government provide the necessary insurance like that in Panamá.

This would be responsible tourism as well as smart tourism. One negative incident will nullify a lot of the tourism promotion dollars.

Dennis Jay

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