Where are the most romantic spots in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s most romantic places are Playa Tamarindo and Hotel Villa Caletas. Manuel Antonio came in a close second. Followed by the locations of Volcan Arenal, Tortuguero and Monteverde.

Guanacaste is the most romantic province because of the blue water beaches such as Playa Potrero, Playa Conchal, Playa Carillo, Nosara and it’s also the province in which Tamarindo is located.

To help those looking into a romantic spot for a Valentines Day getaway, reporters polled professionals in the romance field. They included party planners, wedding planners, travel-adventure tour agents, and dating Web sites.

The most romantic location most cited was Tamarindo because of its beach beauty. There was no doubt in the voices of those who answered. Within the area there are several other beaches such as Playa Langosta and Playa Grande which is famous for leatherback turtles laying their eggs.

In talking about the most romantic hotel, many professionals gushed about Hotel Villa Caletas. The lodging is nestled between the jungle and near Jacó in the central Pacific. It sits on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The limited rooms and location all play a part in the villas exclusivity and romance, according to the responses.

Manuel Antonio is one of the more popular wedding locations in the country, according to Costa Rica Paradise Wedding. A wedding planner for the business said the firm averages about 30 ceremonies a year there. The public beach and the national park all make it one of the better places for a wedding.

The privacy and beauty of surrounding hotels in La Fortuna around the Volcan de Arenal make it romantic, according to the experts. The volcano is one of the more active, and there are locations where the lava can be seen. There are also hot springs in the area as well as Lake Arenal.

Tortuguero is like getting married in the jungle, said a representative for Costa Rica Expeditions when asked about romantic locales. Located on the northern Caribbean coast, the sand bar island is only accessible by boat or airplane. The island is famous for its different species of tortugas, or turtles. The eco-friendly area is small and not like most bustling beach towns. It caters to preserving the environment, as the nearby Parque Nacional Tortuguero is a safe zone for a variety of creatures, including jaguars, birds and monkeys.

Monteverde is considered one of the most romantic places in Costa Rica because of its mountainous beauty. The town is in Puntarenas province, about five hours from San José. As the only mountainous and colder place that made the romantic list, features are mainly the forest surroundings. Monteverde is considered one of the seven wonders of Costa Rica. There is found the Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde and a paradise for birding.

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