Bad bikers need tickets to improve road safety

I am writing in support of your reader who commented regarding the standard of motorcycle riding and the idea that raising insurance would reduce the problems.

I am a lifelong biker and am appalled by the antics, mainly of small bikes, in San José: Riding on sidewalks (which I have seen police motorcyclists doing), jumping red lights, riding with no lights and even crossing the central reservation of the pista to ride the wrong way along the carriageway.

What are the police doing in the meantime?

They are sitting at the rotundas ignoring idiots, to deal out tickets for restricted placas inside the San José zone, sometimes four or five police vehicles on a single intersection, contributing nothing to safety or education of drivers. Pulling the idiots and taking their vehicles and licenses for offenses likely to cause accidents would help a lot more with the safety on the roads. Use the cameras from the pistas on intersections to film the red light jumpers, for me far more dangerous than exceeding the speed limit by 10 kph.
Norm Collins
Chiriqui, Panama

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