Colombia detains key suspect in killing of Facundo Cabral

Latin America’s most wanted suspect has been detained in Colombia, the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed Monday afternoon.

He is Alejandro Jiménez González, who is known as el Palidejo. The Policía Nacional de Colombiana said he was detained when he tried to enter the country on an apparently false passport.

The Colombian police sent prints to San José that were matched with the prints of Jiménez in the judicial archives, the agency said.

He is the principal suspect of being the mastermind behind an ambush in Guatemala last July 9 that killed famed Argentine singer Facundo Cabral. The target of the shooting is believed to be Henry Fariña, who survived. Fariña, an entertainment promoter, was delivering Cabral to the airport.

Sources in Colombia said that Jiménez was in a boat with two other persons in the Pacific in southern Choco province.
At least four gunmen were involved in the Guatemala City shooting. They have been detained. Jiménez vanished from his Alajuela home shortly after the shooting, and police raided the location and confiscated a number of possessions. The home of his parents also was raided as were businesses in Heredia and Alajuela.

Periodically there were police efforts in Costa Rica to detain him after they received possible reports of his whereabouts. None was successful.

Costa Rican officials said after the shooting that Jiménez was involved with a criminal gang that dealt in drugs and money laundering throughout Central America. They said at the time the family had accumulated wealth without obvious income.

Fariña has been linked to a string of night clubs, and the shooting followed an effort to force him to sell the businesses, investigators have said. He is Nicaraguan.

Costa Rica investigators have worked closely with their Guatemalan counterparts to track the suspects.

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