Couple convicted in deaths of two Alajuela children

Judges in Alajuela convicted a woman and a man in the death of two children in a decision released Wednesday.

The woman who has the last names of Cisneros Guerrero got 35 years for murder in the deaths of the two children and six months in prison for the separate crime of fraud in that she claimed to be pregnant to obtain money from the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, said the Poder Judicial.

Her companion, identified by the last names of Ugalde Rojas got four years for negligent homicide and 20 years for murder.

The charges involved the drowning death of a 3 year old in 2008 and the death of a 3 month old due to severe malnutrition, said the Poder Judicial.

The judges also ordered a woman with the last names of Navarro Carvajal not to work in a public job for three years. She was a social worker for the Patronato Nacional de Infancia who was supposed to oversee the health of the youngest child.

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