Daughter of missing French couple seeks help from people here

The daughter of a missing French couple made her way to Costa Rica, and Thursday she asked the people of the country for help. She gave a press conference Thursday morning.

The daughter, Celine Roussel, flew across the Atlantic to try and get closure from the disappearance of her parents. They have been missing for nearly a year.

Her parents, Claude and Gérard Dubois, vanished last March 31 south of Quepos. The retired French couple were tourists, and they had arrived in the town the day before and were taking their rental car south to Dominical for a day trip. That was the last time they were reported being seen.

Ms. Roussel, who speaks only French, said she is pleased with the investigation and understands the complexity of the case. After all investigators didn’t have too much to go by, she noted.

The biggest possible break was when the credit cards of the couple were found. But no clear leads resulted from that because investigators said the people who made the illegal
charges on the credit cards are only charged with fraud. They didn’t find any direct connections to the case, they said.

Ms. Roussel wants to know what happened. She said what hurts her is that she doesn’t know what to tell her little daughter. She said her daughter had a close relationship to her mother, Claude.

A representative of the French Embassy said after nearly a year those connected to the case suppose that the couple was killed. All evidence leads to this conclusion, including the way their belongings and the rented vehicle were found, said the spokesperson.

Ms. Roussel and the French Embassy asked that anyone with the slightest bit of information call the Judicial Investigative Organization in Quepos at 2777-0511. Someone knows what happened to the Dubois couple, they affirmed.

In fact, investigators searched a tract near Quepos last month after a tipster gave a detailed description of the supposed robbery and murder of the couple.

But nothing was found, and agents no longer believe the tale.

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