Emergency officials meet to plan 2012 strategies

A sure sign of the approaching rainy season has nothing to do with the sky. The clear indication is the beginning of meetings by emergency officials to discuss how to handle the problems that are to come.

The sessions begin today in the Hotel Radisson and are described as the first meeting of the national emergency commission. Those attending include local responders who have to face slides, flooding and other rain-caused disasters. Some areas have such problems with regularity each year. The meetings also will prove useful in the event of earthquakes and volcanic activity, said the emergency commission.

The sessions will be held over three days where various agencies will share success stories and also those that were not. The idea is to identify the principal imitations that face local emergency committees in the performance of their duties, said the national commissions.

Outside of the meeting room, as is customary at this time of year, workers are moving emergency equipment, including foam mattresses, blankets, non-perishable foods and other items to various storage spaces around the country in anticipation of the probable lashes form Mother nature.

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