Fuerza Pública will be out in force for Semana Santa

More than 3,800 Fuerza Pública officers will be on duty for Semana Santa. The number doesn’t include the special unit forces such as Policía Turística and the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas.

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a national holiday during the week before Easter Sunday. This is a Catholic country, but many residents go the beach or mountains. This year the week begins Monday and runs until Easter, April 8.

As part of the observance there is the Ley Seca, or dry law, from the night of Wednesday, April 4, to dawn Saturday, April 7. This means there is no legal sale of any alcoholic beverage. During this time bars and nightclubs close. Fuerza Pública officials said they will be out in full force to enforce this specific law. They also help close off the sections of stores where alcohol is sold and put seals on refrigerators and even doors of bars.

The police said in a press conference Monday that they will be counting on six planes, 10 boats, 11 horses, 80 mobile jail tanks, 91 bicycles, 315 police cars, and 372 motorcycles for increased security in the country.

The extra police officers will be at the beaches. They said the more populated spots during this observance are the beaches of Guanacaste, central Pacific, and the south Pacific.

The Guardacostas will join in the patrol along the coast. Representatives said they will also serve double duty as lifeguards during the time. Some of the recommended safety tips are to avoid places without security and to avoid obvious dangers such as solitary beaches and going into the water under the influence or after a heavy meal.

The borders also will have enhanced security measures. The Peñas Blancas border crossing between Nicaragua and Costa Rica will have the most increased security personnel during the holiday.

Officials said they don’t want human traffickers to take advantage of the excess activity of travelers at the border. Officials also are said to be on the lookout for the trafficking of arms and drugs.

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