Government signs contract for new route in northern zone

Government officials signed off Tuesday on a two-year project to build a more direct highway across the northern part of the country. The project had been announced. The new route will be 27 kilometers between Bajos de Chilamate in the canton of Sarapiquí and Vuelta Kooper in San Carlos.

The project is being financed by the Corporación Andina de Fomento for about half the cost. The contractor will be Constructora Sánchez Carvajal. The current route between the two points is about 87 kilometers or about 54 miles.

So the route will save motorists 37 miles.

More than that, the new highway provides quicker access both east and west for commerce and agricultural products and forms part of the Red Internacional de Carreteras Mesoamericanas. The government is in the process of expropriating the necessary properties. The construction firm is expected to begin in May.

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