Hackers deface Web site run by Casa Presidencial

Hackers successfully entered the Casa Presidencial Web site Sunday and put up a caricature in place of official content, the Presidencia reported Monday.

The cyberattack took place around 10 p.m. after technicians put up the weekly Cadena Nacional television spot.

The Presidencia said that government Web sites receive multiple attacks each day, but they usually are rejected by the security devices in place. Officials attributed the Sunday attack to a group called LatinHack, which has hundreds of members and has perpetrated at least 13,000 attacks of government sites in Spain, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Chile and the Dominican Republic, said officials.

The presidential Web site has mirror sites containing the same material, so technicians were able to restore the primary site quickly, officials said.

Much of the information of the Presidencia is stored in other servers and never were vulnerable to intruders, said the Presidencia.

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