He must forgive himself for enforcing the law

RE: John Pennisi.

I don’t know you and have not eaten at your wonderful restaurant that has nothing but stellar TripAdvisor reviews. My heart just felt like reaching out to you and your family. I live with my husband in Esparza, and we have lived in Costa Rica for over eight years. We have witnessed the increase in crime. We were even robbed, but we weren’t at home at the time.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of criminal courts, penal and prosecution systems. This fellow you accidentally killed had a criminal record, the system failed YOU and the rest of us who suffer from this type of man and others like him who are on the streets when they should be in jail. The circumstances were present for you to bring this man to justice, and you did, and you need to forgive yourself. The courts would not do anything to stop him, nor the police, and there would likely be numerous more crimes and suffering he would bestow on innocents. You, in essence, have saved others by what you did.

I feel very strongly about this. It was HIS Karma playing out. Please put this behind you as soon as possible, I know many who read this news article are sending you supportive love and healing. You can overcome this, and you can move back to that lovely peacefulness you embody. Trust the universe was not abandoning you in that moment of crisis. It played out the way it needed to. Do not suffer.

Until the government gets real about crime and puts the lawbreakers behind bars for very long harsh punishments, the Wild West mentality and we, the people, must enforce the laws.
Deb Klipper

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