Home invasions continue with a fatal result in Guácimo

Home invasions continue to plague the country. A home occupant died Wednesday night when eight masked gunmen invaded his dwelling.

There also were home invasions in Sabana. But in Las Lomas in San Francisco de Dos Rios judicial agents managed to capture two men as they appeared to be in the process of invading a home, said the Poder Judicial.

The murder was in Guácimo where the 44-year-old man died in his home. He was the guard of a ranch there and shared a home with a woman and two young children. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that a man showed up at the door about 8 a.m. and said he was looking for work. Told that there was none, the man left.

But a short time later seven or eight men entered and
confronted the man, identified by the last name of Monge. He was shot in the stomach and left to die.

The woman was tied up and did not manage to free herself until the morning. The men took various household items, agents said.

In Sabana Sur four men overpowered a guard at a small subdivision and then took him with them as they searched for a home to rob the occupants. They entered a home, threatened those there with firearms and then took computers, flat-screen televisions, jewelry and other items

Four men with the last names of Aguilar Campos, Ramírez Montero, Mayorga Navarro and Valverde Cerdas were before the Tribunal de Flagrancia Thursday because agents captured them in San Francisco de Dos Rios at what appeared to be the beginning of a home robbery. The case was continued for a medical report on one of the suspects.

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