Industrial chamber expected to issue optimistic report

The economic news is encouraging in the industrial sector. The Cámara de Industrias de Costa Rica will report Wednesday on a survey of firms.

An advance look said that 59 of every 100 companies in the industrial sector considers the current situation encouraging. And 63 of every 100 firms expects to increase production. 35 percent expect to increase the workforce, according to the preliminary figures.

The industrial chamber’s optimism is not consistent with a brief polling of expat business people. They had mixed
opinions of the country’s economic situation for 2012 when contacted Monday.

Editors at A.M. Costa Rica have seen an increase in interest in Costa Rica from readers outside the country, mainly North America. Subscribers to the newspaper’s daily digest have increased after being flat over the Christmas holidays.
Advertising sales have been brisk as local real estate operators appear to believe that the economic recovery in the First World is well underway.

The industrial chamber also said that in its press conference today it would outline priorities to attack the factors that negatively affect the competitivity of the sector.

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