Internet hookup not reliable, and managers care less

I totally agree with the comments about Amnet.

For over six years that I have been in this Sabana Oeste area, Internet service has been very unreliable, and a technician who once came to my house told me that the server for this area is totally outdated and it appears six years later we have the same server. Quite often Internet is either too slow or out. When I talked to them 1 ½ years ago they told me if I upped the speed to 3, the service would be much better but we saw no improvement. Then we had them run a second line thinking it would come from a different server but no such luck. Now both the lines have same problems even with the speed of 5 by 1 Mgb. In fact, it is 7:30 p.m. on March 22,  and we have been down for almost three hours. When the service is down and you call them to get information, they either don’t pickup the phone or put you on hold forever.

Really frustrated I once called the customers service and told them that the Internet service was terrible and I would like to switch to Radiográfica Costarricense S.A., he said you mean you want to switch to Amnet, I said no, I have Amnet now. He replied, just disconnect the modem and bring it to our office and your service will be discontinued.

You would think the management should be aware of these problems but it appears they are sleeping on the wheels waiting for, like many of us are, another company to enter the market and take over their customers.

Abdul Mohamed
Sabana Oeste

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