Intruders invade homes in San Pedro, Desamparados

Bandits invaded a home in Barrio Dent about 11 p.m. Sunday. A resident in Desamparados suffered the same fate four hours later.

The home in Barrio Dent, San Pedro, was not far from the Embassy of Colombia where there is a 24-hour police presence. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the occupants heard a loud noise as masked men barged in through a door. There were at least four persons, the occupants told investigators.

One of the intruders hit the women of the house on the head and took a chain she was wearing. The bandits also took other jewelry and valuables.

In Desamparados the man in the home also was hit on the head, said investigators. There appeared to be just two intruders. They tied up the man and took flat screen televisions and other household items.

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