Korean video crew faces the nightmare of all photographers

A Korean video crew working for National Geographic somehow lost a gray case containing a Canon camera. The case also contains much of their work that they already had taped about the wonders of Costa Rica.

Now they wonder if they will get back the case.

The Poder Judicial put out a courtesy notice about the situation Thursday and said there will be a reward in dollars for recovery of the case, camera and material.
The incident took place near San Isidro de Poás in a site known as La Chaparra. The crew had been in the area taping the volcano and surroundings.

The case carries the words National Geographic, said the Poder Judicial.

The value of the footage is far greater than the value of the camera, the Poder Judicial said.

Any information can be telephoned to the Judicial Investigating Organization at 2437-0342, 2220-3160 or 800-8000-645.

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