Middle East and its dance comes to the ministry of culture

A.M. Costa Ricas/Shahrazad Encinias Vela One of the many presentations by the various belly dancer schools in the Central Valley.

Belly dancers filled the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud Saturday and Sunday as hundreds of dancers gathered to perform for the Feria Artes Arabé.

The Middle Eastern music was heard from Parque Morazán where the Transitarte art festival was being held. The Arabic festival was put together by Amar, the Centro Cultural Lebanese, or the Lebanese cultural center. The two events were not connected.

The small festival brought in hundreds of interested spectators to enjoy belly dancing, music, food, and the Middle Eastern culture. The performances were put on by different dancing schools from the Central Valley area. Amar also included Indian culture as part of the Arabic festival.

There were vendors who sold costumes and accessories for dancing. There were only two main food stands. One sold Middle Eastern food and the other sold Indian food. There was one tent where pastries were sold.

There were also workshops for those interested in the different styles of belly dancing. Many women wore bright colored belly dancing costumes with gold jewelry and extravagant make-up.

There was a 1,500-colon entrance fee, about $3. After that the workshops were free.

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