Motor fuel prices ready for a significant increase

Gasoline will be increasing to $5.43 a gallon for super and $5.30 for plus. That is an increase of 18 percent.

The nation’s regulating agency said that a liter of super would go from 615 colons ($1.22) to 724 colons ($1.44) and that plus would go from 600 colons ($1.19) to 706 colons ($1.40).

Diesel is increasing 12 percent from 575 colons ($1.14) to 645 colons ($1.28) per liter. That means the gallon price of diesel will be $4.84.

The new prices were expected to be published and to go into effect today.

The higher prices reflect higher international prices of crude, said the agency, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos.

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