Ms. Chinchilla going to U.N. for conference on happiness

President Laura Chinchilla is going to New York Saturday for a meeting at the United Nations and to help define a role for the international agency in fostering citizen security in Central America, according to Casa Presidencial. She also will discuss climate change and seek international cooperation to redefine new ways to evaluate development, the Presidencia said.

The United Nations is sponsoring a climate change conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, June 20 to 22.

Ms. Chinchilla and Ban Ki-Moon, secretary general of the United Nations, will have a private meeting Tuesday. She also will meet that day with Michelle Bachelet, the former president of Chile, who now holds a post as head of U.N. Women, which promotes gender equity.

Ms. Chinchilla will give a key address Monday at the meeting on “Happiness and Well Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm.” The meeting is the result of a U.N. General Assembly motion last year that was called ‘Happiness: Towards a holistic approach to development.”

The meeting is cosponsored by the Government of Butan, which is seeking an indicator that integrates economic, social, and environmental objectives. Butan seeks to build a global movement and action networks to promote implementation of the new economy, it said. The proposal also will be presented at Rio.

The meeting also seeks to establish an independent task force to elaborate the details of the new economic paradigm, the government of Butan said.

Supporters of the new paradigm has said they want to transform global institutions to reduce consumption and level growth. They also say that the world supply of petroleum is diminishing and that climate change also is causing the need for a new paradigm, which is likely to involve some forms of central planning. She is being accompanied on the trip by Roberto Gallardo Núñez, minister Planificación Nacional y Política Económica.

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