Museo Calderón Guardia will display 82 Goya works on war

One of the works depicting the guerilla war waged by the Spanish against the French and its consequences.

The Museo Calderón Guardia will put on display March 17 the 82 works by Francisco de Goya entitled Los desastres de la guerra or “Disasters of war.”

The works were done between 1810 and 1815 and depict the bloody events of the Peninsula War when Napoleon put his brother Joseph on the Spanish thrown.

The works were so startling and sometimes critical of the restored Bourbon monarchy that they were not exhibited for nearly 50 years.

The works were brought to the country as part of the Festival Internacional de las Artes. By the Embassy of Spain.

Some of the works are grim depictions of death and tragedy connected with the war. Goya was a court painter before the French invasion which was bitterly contested by Spanish partisans as well as a British expeditionary force.

Goya is perhaps best known for his oil painting of the “The Naked Maja,” a reclining nude that appeared on Spanish stamps in the 20th century. The work was daring for its time.

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