Onion fair begins 5-day run in Santa Ana this Wednesday

Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadaría photo Scene for a prior year onion festival

This year the famous Feria de la Cebolla in Santa Ana will be held from Tuesday to the following Sunday near the Roman Catholic church in the community.

There will be a variety of onions available. They will range from the everyday white and yellow onions to different hybrids. The festival isn’t just an onion exhibit, there will be games, music, dancing, marching bands, competitions, a fireworks show, and custom food available.

The festival was first started in 1991 in Santa Ana. It has continued to grow with participating vendors from Santa Ana and Escazú.

The area is the main onion producer for the country. The farmers cultivate approximately 930 tons a year.

The festival organizers say that all onions on sale are 100 percent Costa Rican.

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