Overnight chill reaches a record for the year

The Central Valley is in the grip of a cold wave. Sort of.

The Instituto Meteorological Nacional said that the mercury bottomed out at 13.9 degrees C. Friday morning. The weather experts said this was a record for the year.

Still, the time is not right to rush out and get a snow shovel. The temperature converts to about 57 degrees F.

There were lower temperatures in other years. In 2008 the weather institute registered 13.4 degrees overnight. In 1996 there was a temperature reported of 13.5 C.

The low temperature prompted the weather institute to put out a news bulletin.

A light rain early Monday appears to have kept the local temperature about 5 degrees C. above the record.

High elevations, of course, have colder temperatures, and some of the peaks are no stranger to a light snow once or twice a year.

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