Persons with skyrockets were seeking to help bring rain on fire

Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea photo This was the scene over the rugged national park when security ministry pilots did an overflight Sunday.

Some unidentified people wanted to help, so they approached the fire zone in Parque Nacional Chirripó and set up exploding skyrockets.

The Cuerpo de Bomberos said this is in response to a popular legend that such explosions can bring rain. Fire fighters on the scene said they heard such explosions Monday morning. That made them nervous because such exploding devices can cause more fires.

They said that they asked the Fuerza Pública to patrol to prevent such activities.

At the fire zone emergency workers were managing to contain the blaze to some 150 hectares, thanks to a three-meter fire break surrounding the fire. Officials hoped to douse the blaze with water today, but 30 to 40-knot winds kept Costa Rican and a Guatemalan helicopter on the ground. The winds were from 70 to 80 kph or up to 50 mph. The area is about 370 acres.

The winds also help the fire challenge the fire break. Fire fighters characterized the situation as risky because of the wind and the potential for the blaze to jump the fire break.

If the wind subsides, helicopter pilots said they expect to make some flights this morning to bring water on the stubborn blaze.

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