Regulator finds some contamination in Heredia’s water

The agency that regulates utilities said bacteria has been found in tow surface water sources used by the Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia. These are water sources in San Rafael and San Isidro, the agency said.

In San Rafael only 43.5 percent of the samples tested were negative to fecal contamination. At San Isidro only 28.2 percent of the samples were negative, said the agency, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos.

Despite the contamination, the agency said that water treatment procedures kept the fecal matter from reaching the public.

The agency did an extensive study of the Heredia utility agency for the period of 2009-2010. It urged the water provider to
take steps to safeguard the water sources from animals and humans.

The agency said that water piped from underground sources was of excellent quality.

The agency said that it noticed an increase in water that was not accounted for and suggested that there may be more leaks. At the same time water use fell about 5 percent, perhaps because of higher rates and the economic situation during those years, it said.

The water utility has five treatment plants.

The agency noted that the utility did not have any support from the state and that it continues to face the demands of urban growth.

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