There’s just a few public workdays before vacation

Expats who have business to conduct with government agencies have just four days to do so.

The Semana Santa vacation period for many public employees starts officially Monday, April 2, but typically such employees stack up vacation days to begin their time off this Thursday or Friday.

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros said Friday that its sales and administrative offices will be closed starting April 2 through Easter, April 8.

Certain departments that provide health care through Hospital la Católica will remain open.

Banco Nacional said that it would operate normally through Tuesday, April 4. Bank offices will close at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday April 4, and all offices will be
closed for Holy Thursday and Good Friday.
Electronic services will operate through the holidays, the bank said, as will its automatic tellers.

Sales of alcoholic beverages will continue to be prohibited Thursday and Friday of Holy Week. Turismo operators and bar owners have been pushing for years to eliminate this provision. Even though the legislature passed on first reading a new alcohol law, the bill maintained the prohibition. The bill eventually was rejected by the Sala IV for other reasons and sent back to the legislature for revisions.

That means tourist operators will have to continue the long-standing practice of serving alcohol to their foreign customers in paper cups or in other under-the-table ways.

In lower-income Costa Rican communities, the prohibition means the proliferation of illegal bars with alcoholic beverages that may be dangerously homemade.

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