Trio in drug plane case given prison sentences

The copilot of a light plane that crashed and revealed a shipment of drugs has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. The two persons designated at leaders of the smuggling operation receive stiffer sentences.

The copilot Otto Monzón del Cid, was serious injured in the crash Oct. 10, 2010. That happened just after takeoff from Tobias Bolaños airport. The aircraft broke up on the bank of the Río Torres and revealed 177 kilos of cocaine in the right wing. Monzón spent nearly the entire time between the crash and the trial in Hospital México.

The other two men are Rubén Martínez Trujillo and Elvis Mendoza Rivera. The Poder Judicial said that Martínez received 16 years in prison on an international drug smuggling charge. Mendoza received 12 years, 11 on the smuggling charge and a year for trying to bribe a Fuerza Pública officer as he tried to flee over the border with Nicaragua.

The pilot of the aircraft died of injuries two days after the crash.

The caseas in the Tribunal de Juicio de Pavas-Hatillo.

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