U.N. agency and weather institute plan to keep eye on warming

A United Nations agency is joining with the national weather institute to assess the impact of climate change in Costa Rica.

The organizations, the U.N. Programme for Development and the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional, plan to release the results of what they call technical research today at a press conference.

The weather institute said on its Web site that with the help of the U.N. agency scientists have installed a network of automatic weather stations designed to improve the observation of the effects of climate change.

The announcement of the session said that the two agencies have joined to strengthen the national capacity to evaluate the vulnerability and adaptations of water systems to climate change. They said they seek to generate scientific information that will allow the country to face climate change and its effects, such as flooding, drought, landslides and other problems associated with a higher temperature.

Environmentalists in the United States have said that climate change is now widely recognized as the major environmental problem facing the globe. However, that view is controversial, and some experts ague that the climate is always changing.

The two agencies are expected to specify what regions of the country will receive more rain as a result of higher temperatures and what areas are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The announcement also questioned what urgent steps can be taken to adapt to climate change.

Climate change has been linked to carbon dioxide, a vital component of the atmosphere. However, the major component of what is called greenhouses gases is water vapor.

The Costa Rican central government has pledged to make the country what is called carbon neutral by 2021, although many in government agree that this goal is not likely to be reached or even fully defined.

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