U.S. drug culture spawns life-threatening problem

I see once again that the U.S. government is making the rounds in a effort to guarantee the Western Hemisphere that the continued drug battle will continue. I’ve watched this battle from the sidelines for many many years.

I lived in Florida back in the ’70s where the wars were out of control. I worked in Jamaica in the ’80s, and I watched idly while the drug trade dominated everything, the currency and the everyday discussions among neighbors.

Now that my interests have been in Costa Rica for a few years I once again watch and listen to the never-ending subject of drugs. Now I am in Missouri helping my elderly father deal with his rental problems, which are taking a beating from the meth culture.

I see the Midwest now in a different light. Its a nightmare out of control throughout the Midwest. Interdiction to me has proven a waste of billions of dollars. I see the government has all the latest equipment such as planes and boats and radar. The real problem is the people here in the States who want to buy this stuff. Why is the U.S.A. saturated with people who hunger for drugs? I don’t get it.

The prisons here are full. The court systems are full, and the long term scenario is not a positive one. We have a life-threatening problem that has become a national threat to our very own existence. I’m seeing three generations of druggies here in the Midwest. We have had to evict family where the grandfather, father and son were dealing in meth. It’s a total breakdown of moral ethics and responsibility.

I don’t have the answers, but I feel that more fastboats isn’t the answer. The problem is right here in the States with millions of citizens who just don’t give a dam or are brain dead and who’d rather get high than work and raise their families with morals and responsibilities. Just how long and how far can this problem deteriorate to? We are in serious trouble.
Bruce Simpson

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