Uvita is hosting an unusual selection of festival events

In the southern Pacific of Costa Rica is a small beach town called Uvita. On an average day, the place is calm and secluded. But this weekend will be quite different as hundreds of people will gather for Envision, a three-day international music and art festival, that will run from today to Sunday.

The intent of the festival is to celebrate spirits, heal the body and mind, revitalize souls to face challenges, and to realize opportunities offered in a rapidly changing world, according to the Envision Web site. The organizers have put together a program with performers, music, workshop, yoga and art for the attendees. There are more than a hundred performers from all over the world to entertain those who go to the festival.

And the hotels are booked up.

The performers vary in entertainment genres. There are more than 30 individual performers not including the dance companies that bring more than a handful of entertainers. There will be aerialists, circus performers, hula hoop dancers, fire performers, belly dancers, ballet, trapeze performers, stilt performers, and modern dancers. A lot of these performers have fused different genres to create something new, such as belly dancing mixed with fire dancing and hula hooping. There also is modern dance infused with multimedia.

As for the musical portion of the festival, there are more than 40 artists taking their acts to the stage. There are two big stages and another two smaller venues along the coast in Uvita for the acts to perform. The different genre of music range from acoustic to electronica to rock to dubstep. Similar to the dance acts, a lot of these musical acts have created their own genre by fusing together different sounds. The musical portion is meant to relax and not create any type of stress.

The workshops consist of more than 20 different lectures for the mind, spirit and body, such as increasing erotic IQ, permaculture, breathing, psychedelic science in the 21st century, natural healing, vocal healing, urban love, environmental filmmaking, self-empowerment, and much more.

Because the festival is meant for the mind and body, physical activities are a big part of the event. Every day will offer different sessions. Such as different yoga styles, belly dancing, holistic hula hooping, aerial for beginners and advanced students, sultry dancing, meditation, gravity surfing, acrobatic and circus skills. There are more active sessions for the activity section.
There will also be more than 20 different art exhibits and installations at Envision.

Tickets cost $50 a day or a three-day pass for $80. The tickets can either be purchase on location or online at www.envisionfestival.com

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