Weather experts try to chart climate changes for next 40 years

Weather experts are predicting that rain on the Caribbean coast will increase between 35 and 75 percent during some months of the year because of higher temperatures over the next 40 years.
They also predict that rain in the northern Pacific will decline by about 15 percent.

In addition they are predicting a longer break in the rainy season in the Central Valley and the Pacific coast from June to August.

These predictions come from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional and the U.N. Programme for Development.

The estimates were made to help the country cope with the impact of higher temperatures that are anticipated by a change in climate.

A.M. Costa Rica has reported on other studies that predict a rise in sea level over the next century.

This latest study predicts heavier rains in Limón, Matina, Guácimo and Pococí from May to July with the possibility of flooding.

In the central region and on the Pacific, the prediction is for drier conditions, perhaps drought, on the Pacific coast in locations such as Parrita, and in León Cortés, Dota and Tarrazú. The dry conditions are expected to extend from January to August while from September until December there will be heavier rain and flooding.

The predictions are extrapolations of the current weather conditions linked with a number of computer models of world climate. Scientists have said that with higher temperatures the atmosphere will pickup more water that eventually has to be deposited as rain.

President Laura Chinchilla went so far as to blame the First World and the industrial revolution for a tropical depression that ravaged much of Central America last October.

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