Wind today is on increase, weather institute reports

Today is supposed to be even more windy than the gust-filled previous days.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional report said that the wind was measured at 87 kph (54 mph) at Cerro de la Muerte on the Interamericana highway Tuesday and that wind at Juan Santamaría airport set a record at 75 kph. The previous high at the airport was 67.2 kph that was recorded in 2004, the weather institute reported. The new airport record is 46.5 mph and the old record is about 41.7 mph.

Forecasters at the weather institute said that the winds would be strongest in Guanacaste and in the Central Valley. The forecast estimated winds of up to 90 kph or about 56 mph. The cause is high pressure in the Caribbean.

The forecast said that the wind would increase tonight with gusts perhaps higher than 90 kph.

There is another concern in the Caribbean and the northern zone where rain is falling. The weather institute report warned of possible landslides and slippery roads caused by the rain perhaps with fog. It also said residents should keep an eye on rising rivers and streams.

The forecast also said that the winds might impede aircraft operations and cause damage through the country.

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