Agents make four arrests in case of stolen traffic police pistols

Judicial agents have made four arrests in the case of the pistols stolen from the traffic police storage facility Jan.30.

Raids took place in El Alto de Guadalupe and Desamparados Tuesday morning. Arrests were made on public streets in Torremolinos, Alajuelita and Sagrada Familia Monday night.

The four arrests brings to five the number of persons detained. One man was captured Feb.2 when agents raided his home in Alajuelita. There they recovered 58 of the stolen guns.

Police in Panamá recovered 22 of the pistols.

In all 215 Glock pistols were lost when robbers took over a relatively insecure storage facility in Plaza González Víquez in the center of San José.

Officials suggested then that the robbery was likely a sophisticated network of criminals with an existing market connection to distribute such firearms. The stolen government
firearms are clearly identified with serial numbers and “MOPT” logo, signifying Ministerio de Obras Publicos y Transportes, which is the mother ministry of the Transit Police. But identifying markings on guns are often destroyed for distribution on the black market.

The guns had been left for a significant time under minimal security conditions, with only the protection of one private security official. The total worth of the equipment stolen was estimated at 83 million colons ($165,000) by officials. Left behind by the thieves were 165 more guns as well as radios, bulletproof vests and other police equipment stored in the same facility.

Following the robbery the traffic police director, César Quirós and two other ministry workers were suspended from their posts.

The type of weapon stolen, a Glock 19, is a compact pistol with a 15-round magazine. It is slightly smaller than the Glock 17 that is a standard with many U.S. police agencies. The Glock 19 only weighs 21 ounces or about 595 grams.

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