Artist’s life here started with search for reasonable dental work

A.M. Costa Rica/Shaarazad Encinias Vela Scott Wimer and one of his photos

Love brought artist Scott Wimer to live in Costa Rica, but it was a need for dental work that introduced him to the country.

At 21 he was living in Paris as a fashion photographer. By the age of 28 he left his life in the fast lane and returned to the United States. He moved to San Francisco where he worked as a cab driver, in what Wimer referred to as humbling.

“I’m actually probably one of the only people to move there (San Francisco) to stop doing drugs,” said Wimer jokingly.

Before his move to Europe, Wimer went to the Art Institute of Chicago and stumbled onto photography by taking pictures of his model friends to help build their folders. His girlfriend at the time had moved to Paris to model, and after a short amount of time she bought his ticket to France. And so began his career in the fashion industry.

His hard partying ways led him to a need for change. At least that’s what his shrink told him, said Wimer. His therapist said either he leaves or die young as a result of the way he was living. So he packed up and moved to the home of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wimer has lived in this country for more than a year. He got his first taste of Costa Rica five years ago when he came to the country for a dentist appointment and continued his trips for further medical reasons.

Wimer like many Americans in the United States doesn’t have health insurance, let alone dental insurance. He Googled “cheap dental” and the Web site of a dentist popped up, so Wimer said he sent an email to the dentist and the doctor called him right away.

He said he travelled to the country and after a few years of visiting, the country grew on him. And now he is happily married to a Tica and has opened his own gallery in the Barrio Otoya neighborhood. “ I tend to fall in love and move,” said Wimer. He said that was the case when he moved to Paris, to Italy and now to Costa Rica. But it seems that his romantic side has allowed him to experiment and continue to work in the art industry.

At his gallery his new experimental works are on exhibit. He manipulates his photography with digital media and he blends painting to the mix. This is something new to him, he said.

Although he is still experimenting with the style, he has been successful as he has sold certain pieces. He has sold a few pieces to certain ambassadors. One of his pieces that he sold to an ambassador and his wife was a manipulated picture of a local nightspot around 5 a.m. Wimer said he took the picture from his seat in the bus as it drove past the site.

“I like to capture real stuff happening,” said Wimer. “I like to have a lot of fun!”

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