Balanced lifestyle is now replacing older machismo

RE: Desmond McReynolds An opinion.

Work degrades people? A man must support his family on one income or be degraded? You’d better lay off the cane juice buster, and get with the 21st century.

Some people have dual income families, yes: some out of necessity and some to achieve or improve a personal sense of fulfillment or for a whole host of other reasons. But none of this even remotely exemplifies degradation unless one finds work demeaning.

Perhaps some find labor humiliating. Of this I have no personal knowledge. I, like you, make a supposition regarding these things. Many people work, believe it or not, out of choice. Many husbands stay home and care for the home while the wife works out of the home, and that is because attitudes have changed over the years.

While I believe you are correct that in some cases one income cannot support a family, in the days when a family could be supported by one income, life was much simpler. Families did not have large-screened televisions and PlayStation games. They had to “make do” with what the single income could provide them, and there were not so many pressures to “have” things.

What satisfied families in the 20th century, no longer suffices for families of the 21st. In the modern family when women work side by side with their partners outside the home, considerate and loving partners pitch in and work similarly in the home to balance the burden of child rearing and home care. From your letter, it appears as if you do not even consider this an option or a viable choice.

The machismo attitude about relationships is fading, and the perception of a healthier more balanced lifestyle for both partners is replacing it. Marriage, for those who choose it, has nearly come to equilibrium as an equal partnership: two people, with similar goals who work together along their chosen path.

Darlene Mokrychi

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