Cable Tica in Guanacaste reported to be doing well

I have noticed recent letters criticizing Amnet and to a lesser extent Cable Tica for Internet service. In Liberia area I find Cable Tica OK, and I would give it a B.

The service is now available without a separate RACSA account. I have tested the speed, and it was right on. They are subject to the usual drunks and windstorms knocking down the telephone poles and other outages, but they are promptly repaired. Usually the dispatcher can give the reason for the outage to get a sense of how long it will be.

They also suffer from erratic one channel signal outages on TV occasionally. I suspect that is a foreign problem. There are about 10 channels in English, and they don’t correspond to the guide published in La Nación. I would give them a C- for overall standard programming.

San José is a different world. I have given ICE’s ASDL service to my rural grandchildren and it seems to work reasonably well. Converting to ASDL seems to be a practical solution for anyone that has trouble with cable Internet service. Most likely that would solve the Amnet customer’s Internet problem if he has a fixed telephone. There is a Roku device on the market in the U.S.A., and supposedly here, that streams TV over Internet on demand maybe coming soon, but it is not ready for the market here yet as just a small part of the 300+ channels work. It will require a lot of bandwidth nationally if it becomes popular. Some challenging games work well now with the best remote.
Joseph Lassiter
Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

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